Irena Lagator Pejović


Life and Institution

color photography
30x47 cm

Exhibition/Venue: INDEXES: THE VIRUS SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, curated by Miško Šuvaković. 

Courtesy of the artist.
Photo: Irena Lagator Pejovic


Life and Institution is a series of photographs initiated in 2018, portraying deceased birds, lizards and other traces of life of species on the glass facades of architectural structures, captured in various countries and regions. The lifeless bodies of these species as well as the dust of their remains, are visible from the interior. However, inaccessible for removal, they remain exposed to a different process of endurance, on the glass facades illusions of the depth of free and accessible space. On the other hand, this work makes visible the question of human domination of space and the continuous control of life, both their own and that of other species. Resembling the sinusoidal trajectory of a free bird's flight or a quick lizards movement, the allegory of freedom becomes visibly connected to the process of demise and debris. Rhythm of traces and surfaces in this this work open up critical questions about what the relationships of production and consumption in the current system mean on the scale of inter-species relations and strugle for survival. (Irena Lagator Pejović)