Irena Lagator Pejović


Equation Function

an equation and official documents of establishing and shutting down of the Irena Lagator´s company, S. r. Non. L. (Non. L. L. C.), sticker on the wall
Text: Ilaria Mariotti, 400x180 cm
Interview: RADIO PAPESSE - Irena Lagator Pejovic: Società a responsabilità limitata
- Limited Responsibility Society (L.L.C.), Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), Italy. Curated by: Ilaria Mariotti; Photo: Andrea Abati
- From Industrial to Art Revolution, Remont, Belgrade, curated by Branko Fransceschi.
- Roaming. On File. Platforma Space, MNAC Annex, National Museum of Contemporary Art, NMAC,Bucharest.
- How to Picture Living Systems, KLI Konrad Lorenz Institute, Klosterneuburg (Vienna), Austria, curated by Petra Maitz
- Unprofessional, Art gallery_Museums and galleries of Podgorica, Montenegro, curated by Natalija Vujosevic+ ISU
- #Makeamericagreatagain - Whitebox Art Center, New York City, NY, curated by Juan Puntes.

The artist’s reflection on the need to take responsibility is summed up in the work Equation Function whose negative result (Non) is nonetheless charged with positive value and hence represents a negation asserting the need for, and the possibility of, redemption.

Flanking the formula are documents establishing, and then, three and a half months later, closing down a real firm, an L.L.C. set up by the artist, by the name of NON L.L.C.

This desire to try out the bureaucratic procedure necessary to set up a company with certain characteristics, to create a real economic instrument - which incidentally was rejected bu the artist as unsuitable for reasons related to the idea of limitations to responsibility - is a practice that Lagator frequently follows in her work.

It highlights the need to become aware of facts, situations and words that the force of habit has rendered indistinct, barely meaningful: it serves to alert our consciousness to the risk of blindly accepting stereotypes and customs.

An unlimitedly responsible society in thought and action; a set of unique individuals able to appraise weaknesses and fragility, risks and criticality, these latter also being evaluated creatively and effectively in a sharing of the NON in the formula that becomes a YES - an affirmative that stems from a negation, and from critical awareness.